Find out which special products you’ll require on hand during cooking indian curries.

Spice tray or box

As there are numerous spices used in Indian cooking, the majority of Indian cooks maintain a tray of spices in small containers near the stove ready for use. A spice box with storage compartments for a range of spices was once a part of a young girls’ dowry.

Spice grinder

Another handy gadget is a spice grinder (you can use a coffee bean grinder and maintain it exclusively for this purpose). Spices always taste much better when ground fresh and it means you don’t need to double up on both whole and ground varieties.


A circular bottomed cooking pan very similar to a wok. It is a flexible pan used for almost everything from deep frying, stir frying, steaming and, of course, to cook curries.


A platter with small bowls that can be filled up with a variety of curries, chutneys and vegetable dishes and offered with rice and commonly dal and bread. Typically eaten with the right hand.